Golden Insurance Company, RRG offers the following programs (click on either link for more info.):

Primary Commercial General Liability (CGL)

Golden Insurance Company, RRG offers Primary Commercial General Liability insurance to its members of 1/M 1/M, 1M/2M, or 2M/2M limits for Per-Claim/Aggregate on a claims-made basis. Products and Completed Operations are included in the aggregate, as well as Personal and Advertising Injury. Defense costs are inside the limits.

The key exclusions to the policy include: Prior Acts, Terrorism, Designated Work, Earth Movement or Subsidence, and Fungi or Bacteria. Other exclusions are included in the policy form. Please contact Golden’s MGA or your broker representing Golden for details.

Golden Insurance will consider Per Project, Scheduled Project, and Premises Liability on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, tail coverage may be purchased for 1 year, 2 years, or up to 15 years.

Minimum Pure Premiums start at $3,500 for most artisan trades and $5,000 for general contractors, roofers, plumbers, welders, excavators and swimming pool installers. General contractors are rated on gross annual receipts and artisan trades are rated on payroll.

Significant rate incentives (typically 35%) will be given to builders & general contractors that enroll in the StrucSure Home Warranty program.

Deductibles can range from $1,000 to $100,000 depending on operations, premium size, and the needs of the insured. Credits may be offered for higher deductibles at the discretion of the underwriter. Additional credits may be offered for premium size and exceptional loss history.

Blanket additional insured endorsements are offered at 5% (both artisan and general contractors).

A standard 5% Membership fee will be added on top of each pure premium for subscription to the liability products of the RRG program (not the warranty).

Financing is available at 25% down plus fees. Financing arrangements have been made with Premium Financing Specialists.

Insured’s must maintain a low claim to premium ratio and provide no loss letter or loss runs on binding. New ventures will be considered with a one-page resume of work experience.

Excess Liability

Excess Liability coverage is available over primary at 1M/1M excess limits. Excess coverage can be offered over any A-rated, B-rated, non-rated, or RRG program to reach higher limits.

Excess premiums are fully earned and payable in full on binding except on higher premium policies. Premiums are generally 25% of underlying pure premium with an additional 5% subscription fee. Minimum premiums start at $2,000.

Excess coverage can be bound at anytime during the policy term but follow underlying expiration dates. Prior acts exclusion does apply.

Golden excess coverage is a claims-made policy form. Application for excess is available on the Forms Page.

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